Advisory Information API

Command: bsa


Parameter Description
cmd=bsa Requests current BART service advisory (BSA) information (Required)
orig=<stn> Only get messages for specified station. Defaults to "all". (Optional)
[Note: currently only "orig=all" or leaving the orig parameter off are supported, the BART system does not currently provide station specific BSA messages.]
key=<key> API registration key (Required)
json=y Returns API output in JSON format. Default output is XML if parameter not specified. (Optional)


Currently all BSA messages have a station code of "BART" signifying that they are system-wide. If future messages are tagged for specific stations, and a station is specified in the orig parameter, information will be provided for the specified station as well as any system-wide tagged messages. To get all messages, regardless of tags, specify "orig=all".


XML Sample

With delay message
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
  <time>11:55:00 AM PDT</time>
  <bsa id="112978">
      <![CDATA[BART is running round-the-clock service during the labor day weekend bay bridge closure. More info at or (510) 465-2278.]]>
      <![CDATA[BART is running round-the-clock svc during labor day weekend bay bridge closure. More info at or (510) 465-2278.]]>
    <posted>Wed Aug 28 2013 10:44 PM PDT</posted>
    <expires>Thu Dec 31 2037 11:59 PM PST</expires>

JSON Sample

      "time":"11:08:00 AM PDT",
               "#cdata-section":"No delays reported."
               "#cdata-section":"No delays reported."


The "type" element will either be DELAY or EMERGENCY. The "sms_text" element is a shortened version of the "description" element for use with text messaging. This element might be longer than allowed in a single text message, so it might need to be broken up into several messages.