Schedule Information API

Command Overview

The BART Schedule Information feed contains commands for requesting information about the BART schedules and trip planning. Each line contains two routes (northbound and southbound).

The following commands are available through the Route Information API calls:

Command Description
arrive Requests a trip plan based on arriving by the specified time.
depart Requests a trip plan based on departing by the specified time.
fare Requests fare information for a trip between two stations.
help Provides a summary of the commands available through the Route Information API.
holiday Requests information on the upcoming BART holidays, and what type of schedule will be run on those days.
load This command has been depricated. Load Factor information is now included directly in Schedule and Trip results.
routesched Requests a full schedule for the specified route.
scheds Requests information about the currently available schedules.
special Requests information about all special schedule notices in effect.
stnsched Requests an entire daily schedule for the particular station specified.
ver This command has been depricated and replaced by the API Version command.